Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 376 – Summer Series: “I Feel Like a Fraud!” Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
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376 – Summer Series: “I Feel Like a Fraud!” Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

You landed the dream gig, got the promotion, submitted your book for publishing, had an amazing first date.


So, why do you feel so insecure, unsure and even unworthy?


Hello, imposter syndrome!


Imposter syndrome, or feeling like a fraud, is something that everyone struggles with from time to time — yep, even those super successful people you look up to.


It’s that feeling that you don’t really deserve the recognition or opportunities you’ve earned or you worry you’re not really good enough for them. It often sounds like, “If they only knew…”


Imposter syndrome can pop up when something good happens in our life or it can hold us back from ever going after our dreams. 


In this episode, I’m breaking down exactly what imposter syndrome is, where it comes from and the concrete steps you can take to work through it and overcome it!


Listen to discover:

  • What imposter syndrome is
  • Where it comes from
  • Practical steps to stop feeling like a fraud or an imposter


Feeling like a fraud is part of the human experience. But because this feeling causes us shame, we hide it and then end up thinking we’re the only ones. It’s time we talk about it openly — and talk about what you can do so it doesn’t hold you back any longer!


I hope the steps in this episode are steps you can turn to anytime you feel imposter syndrome creep up. 


“If you feel this way, don’t feel like you’re the only one.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s the feeling that you’re a fraud, that you don’t deserve compliments, praise or success that you rightfully earned.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When we have imposter syndrome, we feel like our success happened by chance or by luck.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s like we’re carrying around this big, dark secret that we want no one to know about.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s critical to have self-worth. This is one of the ways that we work ourselves out of feeling like a fraud or an imposter.”  – Michelle Chalfant


“When we can become witness to it, we give ourselves another perspective.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Don’t let your rouge thoughts run your life.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When we change our thoughts into positive, conscious thoughts about who we are, it feels better.” – Michelle Chalfant


“What we’re not great at doing is accepting and owning our accomplishments.” – Michelle Chalfant


“These are your accomplishments. They’re yours. Claim them. Be proud of them.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Self-worth is key to changing your mindset about being a fraud.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Self-worth is all about value.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Imposter syndrome is much more common than you would think.” – Michelle Chalfant




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