Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 370 – End Your Ruminating Thoughts With Parts Work
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370 – End Your Ruminating Thoughts With Parts Work

“I’m such a horrible person.”


“I can’t believe I did that…I’m so stupid.”


“I’m not good enough.”


Do these types of thoughts sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.


As humans, we can be so mean to ourselves. We make a mistake and beat ourselves up for hours. We look in the mirror and are met with a barrage of negative self-talk. Sometimes these thoughts come at us relentlessly, like a flood.


But these thoughts are not the truth about who we are. They come from an inner part or voice inside of us that is actually trying to keep us safe. 


And when we have the tools to work with these parts of self, we can stop these critical and ruminating thoughts in their tracks – and transform so many of the struggles that come with them, like depression, low self-worth and overwhelm.


In this episode, I’m sharing the story of a friend who came to me for help with critical thoughts that she couldn’t shake. I walk you step-by-step through the parts work method I used with her and the process she went through that stopped those thoughts almost instantly. 


Then, I explain why parts work is so powerful, how it works in our unconscious mind and exactly how you can use it to work with your own critical parts – or any other part of yourself for that matter! 


Listen to discover:

  • How to stop ruminating and negative self-talk in its tracks
  • The process I used with a friend to help her quiet her critical, ruminating thoughts
  • My own experience using parts work to transform a ruminating thought I was having
  • How to use parts work to transform any part of yourself
  • A step-by-step parts work process you can use anytime, anywhere


The amazing thing about parts work is that you don’t have to spend years working with a part or even be in a coaching or therapy session to do this work. My friend’s transformation happened during a casual conversation we had after work. And as I share in this episode, I use parts work when I’m out for a walk or in the middle of the day. This is an empowering tool we ALL need in our toolbox! 


At the heart of parts work is giving ourselves what we needed but didn’t get when we were young. As a healthy adult, you now get to be that strong, caring adult for your younger self – and when you do, you will be amazed at the deep inner healing that takes place.


“I started doing parts work when I was 30 years old, and I changed my life.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Not everybody’s visual, so please don’t think there’s something wrong if you [don’t visualize a part].” – Michelle Chalfant


“I always thank these parts because they are doing such a good job at keeping me safe.” – Michelle Chalfant


“This is what I love about the unconscious mind…they pull things out of left field.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When you are hearing these voices in your head, the ruminating thoughts, the beating up on self…start asking yourself this question: ‘Who is saying that?’” – Michelle Chalfant


“I really think you are going to be amazed at the different parts of yourself that you will start to discover.” – Michelle Chalfant


“This is how we really experience more of who we are, and this is the journey we are on in order to rediscover and live from our true self.” – Michelle Chalfant




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