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367 – Change Your Mindset & Change Your Life with Michael Hyatt

There’s something in your life you want to change. Where do you start? 


My friend, business coach and wildly successful entrepreneur, Michael Hyatt, says there’s one thing we can change that transforms everything else: our minds.


Our thoughts drive our actions, and our actions drive our results, which is why if we want different outcomes in life – whether in our relationships, our business, our finances or our happiness – we have to start by looking within.


In this episode, Michael explains the inner narrator we all have, a part of us that seeks to make meaning of our lives by interpreting and telling stories about the things that happen to us. The problem? These stories are often untrue or rooted in fear, which creates limiting beliefs that hold us back.


Michael shares his three steps for working with the inner narrator and how to choose a more empowering mindset that leads to a life of agency, choice and power. We talk about how to get out of victim, why adversity can open up new possibilities in our lives and how to avoid getting sidetracked by triggers, fear and grief while still being radically honest about our emotions and reality. 


Listen to discover:

  • Why mindset affects everything about our lives
  • How to reframe our stories and choose more empowering thoughts
  • Michael’s three steps to challenging our inner narrator
  • How adversity can open up new possibilities in our lives
  • Understanding intuition vs. fear
  • What triggers are and how not to get sidetracked by them
  • The power of taking breaks
  • Choosing imagination over worry
  • Why failure can be our greatest teacher


One of the pillars of being a healthy adult is busting stories and living in fact and truth, which is the key to an empowered mindset. And as Michael shares, even when we have a challenging set of facts, we can still choose the most empowering story for ourselves, reframing adversity and believing in possibilities – and ultimately, in ourselves. 


“Success begins with your thinking…Getting your thinking right is about 90% of anything. If you have the right thinking, you’ll eventually take the right actions that lead to better results.” – Michael Hyatt


“If you don’t like your reality, you have to look at your thinking.” – Michelle Chalfant


“As long as I was the victim, I was powerless. Once I could stop being defensive and accept the fact that I had agency in the midst of this situation…all the power came back, and it gave me a whole range of options.” – Michael Hyatt


“Our brains are meaning-seeking machines. We can’t live without meaning.” – Michael Hyatt


“Everything that’s happened to you is in the past. You can’t change any of it. All you can change is how you interpret it.” – Michael Hyatt


“The greatest advances in my life have been on the heels of some adversity. I had to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.” – Michael Hyatt


“I realized that nothing can trigger me. Only I can trigger me.” – Michael Hyatt


“Triggers are a gift, because when we’re triggered, it’s a way for us to uncover an unconscious limiting belief that we have about ourselves.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Stress is antithetical to good creative thinking.” – Michael Hyatt


“To take a break can be life changing.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Worry is basically a distortion of imagination.” – Michael Hyatt


“Experience is our greatest teacher.” – Michelle Chalfant


“There’s no failure. There’s only feedback.” – Michael Hyatt




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