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366 – Empaths, Energy and Near-Death Experiences with Sarah Weiss

It’s easy to think everyone processes the world the same way we do. After all, we’re all born with a mind that is here to help us make sense of our human experience. But what if there is actually a huge range of ways we each make sense of reality – and superpowers to be found in our ways of processing the world?


Empaths are people whose nervous systems are wired with the ability to mirror others around them; in other words, they can actually feel the experiences of others in their own bodies. This is a beautiful gift to offer the world – and it can also present its challenges for empaths who might find themselves exhausted or disconnected from self because of the environment around them.


In this episode, the ever-wise Sarah Weiss breaks down what an empath is, signs you might be an empath and steps you can take to find grounding and peace as an empath. We also explore why our culture needs to do a better job nurturing these types of abilities in people and the clues that reality is bigger than just the physical world we can see – from fascinating stories about near-death experiences to the path of a soul’s spiritual growth.


Listen to discover:

  • What an empath is
  • The difference between an empath and a highly sensitive person
  • Why being an empath is a superpower
  • Signs a child might an empath
  • Why we should be cultivating these types of abilities in people 
  • How to find more peace if you’re an empath
  • The story of Sarah’s near-death experience
  • What near-death experiences, dark nights of the soul and plant medicines can teach us


As we learn more about consciousness and the complexity of the mind, it’s an invitation into the sacred. Mind-expanding experiences, whether a near-death experience or the way your empathetic brain is naturally wired, give us the opportunity to ask bigger questions about God, soul, the universe and our purpose. The fact that we have the consciousness to ask these questions is a gift – a gift that points to a reality bigger than ourselves. 


Let this episode expand your mind and take you on an adventure of asking big questions to understand yourself and the world better!


“You’re usually born an empath, and then from the very beginning, you don’t understand that you are processing the world in a completely different way than most other people are.” – Sarah Weiss


“An empath is someone whose nervous system and brain have a certain physiological configuration…that makes us able to mirror how someone else feels physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.” – Sarah Weiss


“I really believe that empaths are a preview of the future human…it’s actually an advanced spiritual quality.” – Sarah Weiss


“You do have to learn how to ground yourself and find the definition of your being so you actually have a clear understanding of who you are.” – Sarah Weiss


“I just don’t see how people can really develop their boundaries without learning about energy.” – Sarah Weiss


“There is a wounded child inside most empaths.” – Sarah Weiss


“It’s not a matter of…’I didn’t protect myself enough. I was too overly empathetic.’…Is it just that we just need that alone time to recharge?” – Michelle Chalfant


“I really think that we are severely lacking in the understanding around birth and death and…how important it is to understand, to frame this lifetime, to put it in context.” – Sarah Weiss


“There’s documented research on [near-death experiences] that’s out there.” – Michelle Chalfant


“As we develop as human beings, we go through natural initiations…If we were living in a culture that honored and recognized these, then we would derive tremendous meaning from them.” – Sarah Weiss


“[The dark night of the soul] is there for a reason, and there are lessons to learn and always something to gain. It’s hard though, when you’re in the middle of it.” – Michelle Chalfant


“I have seen profound healing [through plant medicine]. I’ve witnessed it… But what’s so important is that you do it with a skilled practitioner…The integration is where the greatest healing happens.” – Michelle Chalfant


“I think being an empath takes you into the sacred. I think the deep meaning of life gets felt by an empath.” – Sarah Weiss





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