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360 – Listening to Your Heart to Find Out Who You Are with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Throughout our lives, we hear so many voices of others telling us who and how we should be. Societal norms, our parents, our partners…it can feel like everyone wants something for us and from us. 


To cope with this, we develop limiting beliefs, survival strategies and masks that we wear. We start to think these things are really who we are, and they become our roadmap for life…unless we find the courage to look within and discover who we really want to be.


In this episode, I talk with fellow life coach and kindness curator, Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, about how we can break out of the boxes that the world tries to put us in, find what we want in life and create a new reality of kindness on the planet.


We talk about how to listen to your “heart whispers” instead of fear, what intuition does (and doesn’t) sound like, the role of the ego and the one thing you can do today to break through limiting beliefs. Jeremy is a master of making these big concepts simple through great metaphors and analogies that will help you find more authenticity and peace within. 


Listen to discover:


  • How one act of kindness changed Dr. Jeremy Goldberg’s life
  • How to listen to your heart and find who you really are
  • What the ego is + a bigger perspective on life
  • How to audit your life and find your limiting beliefs
  • Choosing wholeness over happiness


Being human is hard, and we’re all trying to figure it out one day at a time. When we take the brave step to find our true self, live with compassion and treat our fellow humans with kindness, we not only change our lives…we can change the world! 


“I believe that beliefs are choices.” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg


“People may not know who they are, but they do know that they’re not living the life that makes them peaceful. They know that they’re not living from their true self.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“We’re all human, and we all have the same exact problems.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Sometimes if we’re unclear about what we do want, we can approach that same thing from the opposite trajectory, which is, ‘What do you NOT want?’” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg


“It’s really hard to change the picture when you’re living in the frame.” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg


“Heart whispers, and fear shouts.” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg


“The mind is really loud. Our brains are megaphones of fear, comparison, criticism and judgment. And so, my advice would be to get still and feel God.” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg


“Intuition doesn’t come at you with all this fear and screaming at you.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s undeniable that your upbringing affects your life. It affects your nervous system. It affects the way that you see the world around you.” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg


“I think a lot of people chase happiness instead of allowing wholeness.” – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg





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“It’ll Be Okay, and You Will Be Too.” (Dr. Jeremy Goldberg Book)



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