Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 357 – 5 Steps to Empathy with Rob Volpe
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357 – 5 Steps to Empathy with Rob Volpe

We’ve all felt it: the extra tense political discussions, the harsh climate on social media and the overall division between people. It often feels like half the planet is living in a different world and we just can’t seem to understand each other.


This isn’t just in our heads. Studies show that empathy has declined 40% since 1979, and today, one third of people say they can’t easily see the point of view of somebody else.


We have to learn how to listen, hear and respect each other again.


The good news is that we can all learn empathy!


My guest today, Rob Volpe, has mastered the art of empathy both in his personal relationships and through his work in market research. Since his job is all about listening to people and creating connections, he’s learned to identify the specific attitudes and behaviors that help people hear each other and feel heard – and he’s here today to empower us with five simple steps to building more empathy in our life and world!


Listen to discover:


  • What empathy actually is
  • The wonderful things empathy can fuel in our lives
  • The difference between emotional empathy and cognitive empathy 
  • What to do if you have a partner who doesn’t have a lot of empathy
  • The difference between empathy and agreement
  • Shocking stats about the decline in empathy 
  • The factors driving our current empathy crisis 
  • 5 steps to build more empathy today


Empathy is something we talk a lot about but have trouble defining and practicing. We also tend to think it’s a quality someone either has or doesn’t – when in reality, we are all capable of empathy, and we all need to consistently practice our empathy skills.


You don’t have to naturally feel the emotions of others to be empathetic. By setting aside our judgments, asking good questions and listening with curiosity, we can stop talking past each other and learn how to really love each other, even when we disagree!


“Empathy as it’s defined is about connecting with other people on either an emotional or a cognitive level to understand the lived experience of somebody else as if you were them.” – Rob Volpe


“Empathy is needed for healthy relationships.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We just want to be seen, heard and know that we’re enough.” – Rob Volpe


“It’s not about agreeing. It’s about witnessing and really seeing and hearing them.” – Michelle Chalfant


“One third of adults could not easily see the point of view of other people.”  – Rob Volpe


“We’re living what I call ‘chin up’…and when we’re chin up and living in the head space, we’re ready to defend. We’re not listening.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We just need to take the time to listen to one another and hear what the other person is saying and not be so defensive.” – Rob Volpe





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