Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 354 – Balancing Your Hormones for a Healthier Life with Candace Burch
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354 – Balancing Your Hormones for a Healthier Life with Candace Burch

There are so many different aspects of being an emotionally healthy adult. We’re complex, connected beings, and our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our spiritual lives…they all play a role in how we feel every day.


It all matters!


One of the areas we don’t talk about enough is our hormones. Hormones impact SO many of our bodily and mental functions, and we’ve been kept in the dark about them for too long! Everyone deserves to understand this part of themselves!


In this episode, I talk to hormone health educator Candace Burch to help us understand all things hormones…and wow, is she a WEALTH of information! 


We talk about how hormones impact our lives from our teenage years all the way through menopause, the symptoms of hormonal imbalances and all the related topics when it comes to hormones: birth control, fertility, anxiety, acne, PCOS, stress and SO much more.


You will walk away with a much better understanding of the role of each hormone in your body and the empowered choices you have when it comes to balancing your hormones. 


Listen to discover:


  • The classic signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances
  • Some of the things that can contribute to hormone balance
  • Hormonal changes you can expect in each stage of life
  • The key female hormones and the importance of adrenal health
  • How to approach hormone testing and replenishment/supplementation
  • The root cause of PCOS


This show focuses on female hormones since they are so complex, but I hope it is helpful for all of us to recognize that our internal chemistry and the cyclical nature of our bodies are not to be ignored. 


When we learn to work with our bodies, trust our intuitions and get support when we’re feeling out of balance, we can take more ownership of our health through every stage of life.


“Painful periods are not normal.” – Candace Burch


“So many women are not aware of the symptoms or they become their symptoms.” – Candace Burch


“The whole concept of hormone imbalance is relatively new.” – Candace Burch


“Ovulation disruption is one of the big reasons people become hormonally imbalanced.” – Candace Burch


“When you talk about health or hormonal health in any case, it’s always about nutrient dense proteins, good nutrition.” – Candace Burch


“That’s key: keeping blood sugar stable.” – Candace Burch


“There’s this inevitable road to hormones shifting, but they shouldn’t be shifting like a roller coaster.” – Candace Burch


“I think a lot of people don’t even know how to relax anymore.” – Candace Burch


“The adrenals are key to everything really.” – Candace Burch


“There are not a lot of studies with intermittent fasting with women.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Progesterone is the great balancing hormone.” – Candace Burch


“Estrogen has so many functions. We need it.” – Candace Burch


“I’m a fan of hormone replenishment when testing takes place first, in measured doses.” – Candace Burch


“High cortisol at night is really problematic.” – Candace Burch


“I think most PCOS is very much linked to insulin resistance and an imbalance of blood sugar.” – Candace Burch


“Anyone that has PCOS doesn’t need to feel helpless and hopeless.” – Candace Burch


“I think women have to trust their intuition.” – Candace Burch





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