Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 188 – The Wisdom of the Body in Healing with Patti Elledge
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188 – The Wisdom of the Body in Healing with Patti Elledge

Today on the show we have Patti Elledge back again to talk about how we can heal our early developmental wounds, attachment wounds, trauma, abuse and more by working with the wisdom of the body. This is not a show about “body work,” but instead a show about how we learn to feel our emotions, our felt sense and use our body as a navigation system for healing old wounding.


If we don’t pay attention to our body, our old wounding lays stuck or dormant in the body. With increased awareness to the body you would be amazed at the healing that can happen.


Patti also speaks to us about the Polyvagel system of the body and how nervous system regulation (and getting out of fight/flight) is necessary for true healing.


Get ready for this show, it’s packed with information for your own healing journey.




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Patti Elledge podcast on Attachment theory

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