Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 187 – Codependency at the Holidays
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187 – Codependency at the Holidays

Ah the holidays, what a wonderful time of year. The rushing around the shopping the preparing of food the obligations to attend all the parties. It’s a codependents nightmare!


By the time the first week of January hits we are wiped out and in bed with fatigue from all the caretaking and controlling we did during the holidays. It can be exhausting for us codependents!


In today’s show, I give you tools and tips for staying “in your own lane” during the holidays and all year long. It’s a mini codependents reference guide in today’s show.


I share with you all about the fatigue, anger, resentment, anxiety and even depression we can get if we are not “careful codependents”.


There is a way to make it through the holidays in a healthy way and today I give you numerous tips to do just that. From boundaries (and how to set them), dealing with narcissism, in laws, how to self soothe when we are triggered and how to stay connected to your Self (intentional capital S here). You see there is a big difference between our Self and self. Our “self” (small s) is the self that wears a mask to please everyone else. Our “Self” is the Self that knows who we are and strives to live authentically.


Lots of information in today’s show for you. Remember, life is a journey, an adventure. Don’t cling to anything, to any labels (even codependency). See parts like codependency instead as indicators of what we need to give our attention to (temporarily), to keep ourselves healthy and to aid in our transformation. That’s it!





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