Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 165- #5: The Enlightened Empath with Sarah Weiss
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165- #5: The Enlightened Empath with Sarah Weiss

Feeling drained or fatigued? Maybe you pick up on other people’s emotions and can feel what they are feeling? This “phenomena” is not random, these are qualities of an empath.


Many of us are walking around with anxiety, depression, aches and pains and are not aware that these too are common “issues” empaths can have. This was how I spent the first half of my life, until I learned about empaths and how to set better boundaries for myself.


When we understand the qualities of being an empath, we can get healthy and live in the world with greater peace and better health. In today’s show, Sarah Weiss shares incredible information about being an empath as well as the blessings and difficulties that come along with it. It was an awesome conversation, jam-packed with invaluable information.

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