Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 164- Taming Your Control Freak
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164- Taming Your Control Freak

Ouch! Did someone call you a control freak?! I get it…been there with that label. We think that we are getting so much done, life feels like it’s in order and things are just, “better” because of how we see and operate in the world. It’s just “who we are.”


I had to sit with that one when someone told me years ago that I was a control freak. I contemplated…”It isn’t who I am?” “Who would I be without my control?” Well it scared the crap out of me frankly.


After examining my own control and working with clients for years on this “issue” I can thankfully say that I am on the other side of it but still very aware of it and recognize when it tries to sneak into my life under the radar. I realize that without it, I felt stripped away of my very identity. So I had to learn who I was without it. It was a painful ego transformation as it was such a part of who I was!


In today’s show, I give you 6 “control busting truths” to help you to loosen the grip of your inner control freak. As scary as it was for me to face this inner part, I can honestly say my life is much easier without this part running my life. I know that when you begin to loosen the grip of yours and experience another way, life changes for the better and you will find much more peace in your life and something new may emerge…trust!

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