Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 414: The Codependency Revolution with Ross Rosenberg
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414: The Codependency Revolution with Ross Rosenberg

This week I sat down with Ross Rosenberg to discuss how traditional approaches to codependency, narcissism, and trauma often miss the mark and how understanding the root of these behaviors, usually childhood trauma, is crucial for breaking free from unhealthy relationship patterns.


Ross Rosenberg is a global thought leader in codependency, narcissism, and trauma treatment.


In this episode, Ross introduces his innovative Human Magnet Syndrome, explaining why certain personality types are irresistibly drawn to narcissistic partners.


It’s a hopeful and eye-opening discussion for anyone struggling with codependency. I talk about overcoming my own codependent tendencies in my marriage, demonstrating that change is possible with mutual growth and self-love.


We touch on Ross’s Relationship Compatibility Theory, and by the end of the episode, you’ll have a new perspective on codependency and be equipped with actionable insights for your own self-love and recovery journey!



Listen to Discover:

  • The concept of Self-Love Deficit Disorder and the inadequacies of traditional codependency treatments.
  • Early misinterpretations and the role of childhood attachment trauma in developing codependent behaviors.
  • Why certain personality types are drawn to narcissistic partners and how this impacts relationships
  • How to transform codependent tendencies into balanced partnerships.
  • Tips on resolving core shame, supporting each other, and maintaining fulfilling relationships through the Relationship Compatibility Theory.
  • The importance of understanding and addressing the deep-seated trauma that underlies codependency for effective healing.

Whether or not you have personally experienced the narcissistic relationship dynamic or other codependent relationship dynamics, this episode is full of relatable wisdom and discoveries that support you on your journey to more self-love and healthier relationships!




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