Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 413: 5 Ways To Navigate a Relationship That Feels Stuck (replay)
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413: 5 Ways To Navigate a Relationship That Feels Stuck (replay)

There’s someone in your life you love, but the relationship just isn’t working. 


Despite your best efforts to communicate and try to work things out, nothing is changing. This person seems totally uninterested in listening to you or working on the relationship.


You’ve hit a wall, and the relationship feels stuck.


This can be so maddening, frustrating, disappointing and painful! You wouldn’t be trying to make it work if you didn’t care for this person, but you can’t make them change…and you’re hurting in the meantime. 


I hear from listeners all the time who find themselves in this situation, with a romantic partner, a friend, a family member or a colleague. They want to know: How do you approach this with an Adult Chair perspective…not just for the relationship, but for yourself?


In this episode, I’m giving you five steps to take when you feel stuck or at an impasse with someone in your life. These are all things YOU have the power to do, no matter the other person’s response, and they will help you find new clarity, perspective and ideas for navigating this situation.



In this episode, you will hear:

  • A higher perspective on why relationships come and go
  • Five steps to working through a relationship dead end or stalemate
  • The power of acceptance and letting go
  • How to control what you can and release what you can’t
  • How to take care of yourself no matter what happens in the relationship


Relationships can be beautiful, hard and everything in between. 


It’s ok – and even expected – that certain people will come and go throughout our lives. Perhaps you’ve learned what you’re meant to learn and it’s time to let go, or perhaps there’s something for your soul to learn by working through this difficult process together.


Whether you want to keep fighting for a relationship or you know it’s time to end it, the steps in this episode will help you stay in your Adult Chair, control what you can, let go of what you can’t and take care of YOU, so you can live with peace and hope no matter what happens with the relationship.


“Have you considered that the reason that you’re with this person…is because you needed to learn, grow, transform or find something about yourself?” – Michelle Chalfant


“Acceptance and liking are two very different things.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When you’re able to accept somebody for who they are, there’s almost like a release that happens. There’s a detachment that happens.” – Michelle Chalfant


“People are not going to change until they’re ready and willing to change.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Just because the relationship needs to be shifted, it doesn’t mean it has to end.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We cannot go around our pain. We go through our pain, and we are stronger on the other side.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“Emotions are meant to be experienced, felt and processed, or metabolized, through the body and the energy field. And if we don’t build a story around what we’re feeling…those emotions move through us.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Boundaries are not confrontational.” – Michelle Chalfant


“To let go is to truly detach from [the] outcome, and we let go of our expectations as well.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It’s beautiful when we are able to look at our lives and ask, ‘What do I need?’” – Michelle Chalfant


“Relationships can be beautiful, but they can also be really hard…and they can also be somewhere in the middle.” – Michelle Chalfant




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