Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 410: Tap Into Your Gifts and Quantum Leap Your Life with Elyse Archer
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410: Tap Into Your Gifts and Quantum Leap Your Life with Elyse Archer

In this episode, we’re having a conversation with the inspiring Elyse Archer, founder of Super Human Selling. This isn’t your everyday chat; we’re peeling back the layers to uncover the raw and real magic of embracing your authentic gifts. Forget chasing someone else’s dream – it’s all about shining in your unique light, and Elyse is here to show us how.


Elyse takes us on her personal journey, swapping the relentless pursuit of external success for a life rich with genuine talent and passion. It’s about getting real with yourself and recognizing those innate strengths that make you, well, you.


We tackle the often tricky task of accepting compliments and owning our talents without an ounce of guilt. We also chat about facing fears, embracing change, and the exhilarating journey towards a life that resonates with your truest self. 


Feeling stuck or blocked creatively? We dissect the difference between ego-driven and soul-inspired ideas and share strategies to navigate inspiration and overcome those pesky mental roadblocks.


This isn’t just about tapping into your gifts; it’s a journey to living a life that’s undeniably yours. If you’re ready to unlock your potential and live out loud, this is your sign. Hit play, and let’s get this transformation party started!


In this episode, you will hear:

  • The journey from external success to aligning with authentic talents and passions.
  • Creative pursuits as a path to personal and professional fulfillment and success.
  • Overcoming societal pressures and learning to receive compliments and recognize personal talents authentically.
  • Embracing discomfort and initiations for self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Shifting mindset and self-worth to break through financial limitations and achieve greater income.
  • Differentiating between ego-driven and soul-inspired ideas.






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