Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 408: Healing Ancestral Trauma, Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Alyse Bacine
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408: Healing Ancestral Trauma, Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Alyse Bacine

In episode 408, I explore the transformative world of healing ancestral trauma, limiting beliefs, and patterns with the incredible Alyse Bacine. Alyse is a spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner whose journey into the realms of deep healing and spiritual growth is both inspiring and profound.


She shares her profound insights on recognizing and dealing with trauma, understanding childhood wounds, and connecting with one’s higher self through breathwork. 


Listen to discover:


  • Why addressing trauma isn’t about actively seeking it out but rather dealing with it as it presents itself in your life.
  • How triggers, especially within relationships, are opportunities for healing and growth.
  • The importance of understanding your birth story and early experiences to uncover core beliefs and childhood wounds.
  • Practical breathwork tips including a demonstration.
  • Insights into the fears women face and how to overcome these fears by following intuition and understanding trauma.



Alyse Bacine Website: https://www.alysebreathes.com/


Download Alyse’s free resource, The Metamorphosis Method: 5 Ways to use Breathwork: https://alyse.myflodesk.com/5waystousebreathwork


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