Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 405- How to Stop Negative Mind Loops with Barbara Ireland
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405- How to Stop Negative Mind Loops with Barbara Ireland

Hello, beautiful souls! I’m thrilled to welcome you back to “The Adult Chair” where we explore the paths to emotional maturity and healthier relationships. Today, we’re diving into a fascinating discussion with the wonderful Barbara Ireland, author of “How to Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness.”


Listen to discover:

  • Barbara’s Near-Death Experience and Its Impact: Barbara shares her powerful near-death experience that profoundly shifted her perspective on life, emotional health, and the power of our thoughts. This extraordinary event led her to develop techniques to overcome negative mental loops that influence our emotional well-being.

  • The Concept of Mind Loops: We delve into what mind loops are and how they can trap us in cycles of negative thinking. Barbara explains how these loops not only affect our mental health but can also manifest physically and disrupt our lives.

  • Strategies to Break Free from Negative Thinking: Barbara introduces her method for breaking free from destructive thought patterns, which includes recognizing and renaming thoughts to detach from their negative impacts. This process helps shift perspective and regain control over one’s mental state.

  • Applying Barbara’s Insights in Everyday Life: Practical tips from Barbara’s book and methodologies are discussed, giving listeners actionable strategies to apply in their daily lives to improve mental clarity and emotional resilience.


Quotes to Remember:

“We come here with these brains, these minds, but no one teaches us how to use them. And they’re so powerful, continually creating our existence.” – Barbara


“Everyone says this loosely: We are spiritual beings in human form… But did you really think about that?… I love that you brought that up.” – Michelle


“If we get into unconscious negative habits of thinking, we are unconsciously creating negative outcomes.” – Barbara


“We need to be looking at what the heck we’re thinking. That seems to be the root of everything. That’s the taproot to everything else.” – Michelle


“Every question [in my life review] was about my thoughts. What does that tell you about the potency of our thoughts?” – Barbara


“Who is God? What is God? I was born and raised Catholic, but it never resonated as deeply as what I felt my whole life already. I felt this deep connection with God, source, universe, whatever you want to call it.” – Michelle


“Once you clean your thoughts and you’ve cleaned your emotions and you don’t have to wait till it’s all gone, but once that process is up, you’re being unblocked there to start creating from a conscious level.” – Barbara


Connect with Barbara: For those inspired by today’s discussion and eager to learn more about managing mind loops, Barbara’s insights and techniques can be explored further through her book and at How to Stop Negative Thoughts. Additionally, keep an eye out for her upcoming workshops and group sessions, which promise to be enriching.




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