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388 – Human Design with Emma Dunwoody

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do…and if it’s just you who does it?


Your gifts, your life’s mission, how much energy you have, what you need in relationships, how you view money – these are all unique to you. 


And according to Human Design, you are the way you are for a special reason.


Unlike personality typing systems based on mental or behavioral patterns, Human Design is a system based on energy and what was going on in the universe when you were born. Though there are five main “types” within Human Design, it’s a very dynamic system that will help you understand what makes you you and what you need to thrive.


I’ve been hearing tons of buzz about Human Design recently, and in this episode, I talk with Human Design coach (and overall delightful human), Emma Dunwoody, about what Human Design is and how it can help us better embrace our true selves.


Not only does Emma answer all my questions about Human Design, but she also helped me decode my chart, and let me tell you – I felt so seen, validated and free to be myself once I understood I’m exactly who I’m meant to be (and you are too!).


Listen to discover:


  • What Human Design is 
  • The difference between Human Design and other personality systems 
  • How Human Design can change your life
  • How to decode your own Human Design chart 
  • The five Human Design types 
  • What “functional burnout” is 
  • How Human Design can help us in dating and relationships 
  • What Human Design teaches us about money


As you know from The Adult Chair®, we are all a kaleidoscope of parts, talents and experiences. 


Human Design is a fun, insightful tool to help us understand a little bit more about who we are — not to put us in a box but to give us permission to embrace and be our true selves.


Because all those things that only you do? They make you uniquely lovable YOU, and the world wouldn’t be the same without you. 


“With Human Design, we don’t go via the mind. We actually go via the energy…It gives us this energetic blueprint. I love to think of it as a treasure map to our authenticity.” – Emma Dunwoody


“You don’t go into future with this at all. It really is just about who I am today.” – Michelle Chalfant


“So many people spend all this time trying to change themselves…With Human Design, it ultimately gives you a permission slip to be you.” – Emma Dunwoody


“We think we need to become who other people tell us that we should become…but with Human Design, you really help people to touch their true self.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Human Design teaches us that there are actually two different types of burnout…but what we don’t talk about is this ‘functional burnout.'” – Emma Dunwoody


“There’s so many ways that Human Design can really amplify and improve relationships.” – Emma Dunwoody


“Actually, what money is all about is being in alignment to your authenticity…When we are free to be ourselves, then we can’t help but make money.” – Emma Dunwoody


“Our profile really helps us understand how we do life, what people want from us, how we learn.” – Emma Dunwoody

“Human Design is basically the science of being unique.” – Emma Dunwoody




Emma Dunwoody Website (Get a Free Human Design Chart)



“The Human Design Podcast” (Emma Dunwoody Podcast)



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