Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 387 – How To Build Trust in Your Relationship
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387 – How To Build Trust in Your Relationship

When we think of trust in a relationship, most of us think of broken trust and big betrayals – things like infidelity, addiction and secrets.


But true trust is about the small actions that we take every day. Trust isn’t something we have by default unless it’s broken; it’s something we have to build.


With every interaction, we’re either building or whittling away trust – and sometimes the things that break trust are so subtle, we don’t even know we’re doing them! 


In this episode, I’m giving you six ways to build trust so you can grow your relationship with your partner. These are small, simple actions, but they require awareness, intention and being in your Adult Chair to do consistently. 


If you want a long-lasting, deeper connection with your partner, this episode is a must listen! 


Listen to discover:


  • What trust in a relationship is and why it’s so important 
  • How trust deepens the bond in a committed relationship 
  • 6 steps to build trust today
  • The importance of being true to your word
  • How to own and apologize for mistakes and move forward 
  • How to show up with presence and prioritize your relationship 


Without trust, we can’t have healthy, connected relationships. Trust is an energetic bond that creates safety and allows us to open up, be vulnerable and grow together. 


The good news is that it’s not about perfection. All of us – including myself – don’t get these right all the time.


What’s important is what we do when we mess up. 


Honesty, presence and the ability to own our mistakes are the ways we as imperfect humans create deep bonds with other imperfect humans and the key to getting the love you want – not the perfect fairy tale, but a beautiful journey of learning and growing together. 


“Trust is one of the essential components to a healthy, committed relationship.” – Michelle Chalfant


“If we’re going to speak something and promise something to our partner, we want to make sure that we are able to line up behind what we’re saying.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“If you are going to speak something into existence, you have to speak it with your full energy and with you behind it…Your actions need to match your words.” – Michelle Chalfant


“Owning it does not mean that you’re a bad person. You’re a human person, and mistakes are gonna happen.” – Michelle Chalfant


“If you want to build trust and you’re in a committed relationship, apologizing is powerful. It helps to build a connection.” – Michelle Chalfant


“When we have important people in our lives, we need to put the phone down, not look at the television, not get distracted by the dog or the cat or the animal in your house. We want to make sure that we’re prioritizing our person and giving them our full attention.” – Michelle Chalfant


“We need to give our person eye contact when we’re listening. Because then they’re going to feel seen and they’re gonna feel heard, they feel important.”  – Michelle Chalfant


“You can’t put the relationship on the back burner and your person on the back burner and expect [the relationship] to grow and flourish.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“If you’ve got friends that are…acting in a way that’s disrespectful to your partner, it’s your job to defend your partner.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“Even if the truth hurts, it’s better than lying.” – Michelle Chalfant


“It feels so good to know that your person has you and you’ve got them. That’s that bond of trust. Trust is like this energetic bond that we form with our partner.” – Michelle Chalfant




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