Michelle Chalfant | The Adult Chair | 386 – How To Clear Generational Trauma with Emily Blefeld
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386 – How To Clear Generational Trauma with Emily Blefeld

For millennia, cultures around the globe have known that there’s more to us than meets the eye and that our family trees really are a map to ourselves — an energetic portrait of our lives.


Today, epigenetics has proven that what our ancestors experienced can imprint on our genes and impact our lives today in unexpected ways. 


That depression, anxiety, stress or limiting belief? It might be from long ago.


And the field of psychology is finally catching up with this. 


A new methodology I just discovered (and got the chance to try as a client) is called Family Constellation work. 


In this method, we find unconscious experiences and beliefs that we’re carrying from our ancestors — including those who we never knew — and work to transform them through awareness and compassion.


On the podcast this week, I talked with my Family Constellation practitioner, Emily Blefeld, about what Family Constellation work is, how our family history affects our lives today and how we can clear blocks and dismantle generational cycles by being bold and brave enough to look at what happened before we were even here.


It’s not that different from what we do with parts work in The Adult Chair®, except instead of working with parts of ourselves we’re working with parts of our family tree! It’s SO freaking cool!


Listen to discover:


  • How our family history impacts our present reality
  • The way our ancestors’ patterns create patterns for us today
  • What Family Constellation work is and how it works
  • How to heal trauma and clear blocks through Family Constellation work
  • Using Family Constellation work for business, non-biological relatives and more


The cool thing about epigenetics is that it describes a tendency, not a fate. These experiences don’t change our DNA; they change the way our genes express themselves.


That means we get a choice in how these generational traumas will manifest in our lives.


We don’t have to agree with the beliefs and experiences of our ancestors. We can look them in the face and decide they stop with us. 


And there’s no transformation more powerful than that – for ourselves and generations to come.


“We are victim to our lineage.” – Michelle Chalfant 


“What’s unconscious will continue to permeate our lives until it’s made conscious.” – Emily Blefeld


“We actually carry the victims and the perpetrators in our inherited lineage.” – Emily Blefeld


“[Family Constellation work] is predominantly a therapy that looks at the system that we walk around with.” – Emily Blefeld


“Constellation work is less interested in what is causing the symptom, and they’re more interested in who is the symptom.” – Emily Blefeld


“I like to think of it as a family soul on some level.” – Emily Blefeld


“There’s so much more to us than meets the eye.” – Michelle Chalfant


“There are so many different ways to clear our blocks. There’s so many different ways to relieve anxiety, depression, feeling not good enough, our inner fraud, all of those things.” – Michelle Chalfant


“You’ll feel the generations behind heal and the generations following.” – Emily Blefeld


“What an awesome thing to hear as a parent, your child thanking you for doing your work. Because it can stop with you.” – Emily Blefeld




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