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The Adult Chair Podcast

ancestral trauma

408: Healing Ancestral Trauma, Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Alyse Bacine

In episode 408, I explore the transformative world of healing ancestral trauma, limiting beliefs, and patterns with the incredible Alyse Bacine. Alyse is a spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner whose journey into the realms of deep healing and spiritual growth is both inspiring and profound.   She shares her profound insights on recognizing and dealing with trauma, understanding childhood wounds, and connecting with one's higher self through breathwork.    Listen to discover:   Why addressing trauma isn’t about actively seeking it out but rather dealing with it as it presents itself in your life. How...

405- How to Stop Negative Mind Loops with Barbara Ireland

Hello, beautiful souls! I’m thrilled to welcome you back to "The Adult Chair" where we explore the paths to emotional maturity and healthier relationships. Today, we’re diving into a fascinating discussion with the wonderful Barbara Ireland, author of "How to Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness."   Listen to discover: Barbara’s Near-Death Experience and Its Impact: Barbara shares her powerful near-death experience that profoundly shifted her perspective on life, emotional health, and the power of our thoughts. This extraordinary event led her to...

true self

404 – Embracing Transformation and Rediscovering Your True Self with Jennifer Dawn

Hello, my beautiful Adult Chair family! It’s Michelle Chalfant, and I’m thrilled to be back with you after a few months away. These months have been a transformative journey for me, one filled with deep introspection and change, not just personally but also for our beloved podcast.   In this episode, I’m joined by someone very special, Jennifer Dawn, who has been a guide, mentor, and friend to me through this incredible period of growth. Jennifer has a profound connection to energy and healing, and she generously shared her insights on self-discovery...

403 – How To Listen to Your Soul

Lately, there’s been something stirring in my soul.   I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but I feel like it’s going to be BIG – like something new is coming, and I need to go inward and listen for what it is.    Have you ever felt this way? When this happens, I believe it’s our soul tugging at us, trying to tell us something about our mission and purpose on the planet.   And I have made it my intention to always listen when the soul calls.   It’s something I like to call “soul...

402 – Healing Through Grounding with Clint Ober

What if the secret to better sleep, less inflammation and reduced pain was as simple as walking barefoot in the grass?   Both the earth and our bodies have an electrical charge, and “grounding” (or “earthing”) refers to the practice of connecting our bodies to the earth – keeping the body’s charge at an optimal balance and unlocking tremendous health benefits.   If you think this sounds like something made up by a crunchy tree hugger, think again: the father of grounding, Clint Ober, is actually a cable guy.   Clint had a strong connection with...

401 – Practical Intuition with Laura Day

Have you ever gotten a “gut feeling” that something was going to happen…and then it did? Or sensed that someone wasn’t trustworthy or that you shouldn’t move forward with a decision?    This is your intuition at work!   Intuition is something we all possess, and something we’ve all undeniably experienced, but how it works remains largely a mystery. Is it something spiritual? Psychological? Biological?    Laura Day grew up feeling like her brain was “different” in some way. She knew she had ADD and a number of head injuries, but she didn’t know she had...

400 – The Art of Manifestation: How To Manifest Your Dream Life

2023 is behind us, and 2024 is here! The new year represents a clean slate and new chapter where you can begin manifesting the year – the life – you want.    I believe that, as creative beings, we are always in “creation mode.” Like gravity, we can’t turn the laws of manifestation on and off – they just are.    So, then the question becomes: What do you really want? And what is it that you are creating with every thought you have and word you speak?   In this episode, I’m giving you everything...

399 – Holiday Replay: The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

Kute Blackson is no stranger to miracles. Growing up the son of a spiritual leader in Ghana, Africa, Kute witnessed healings and transformation that were nothing short of awe-inspiring.   But when he realized it wasn’t his calling to take over his father’s ministry in the way his family expected, it led him on a challenging and transformational journey of his own: one in which he discovered the magic of surrender and how it can heal our lives.   In this episode, Kute delivers so much wisdom about what surrender really is (it’s not...

398 – Holiday Replay: How to Become Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Whether it’s eating healthier, getting exercise, starting a meditation practice or staying socially connected, figuring out what to do to be happy might be simple – but actually doing these things and living in a way that lets us experience happiness is much harder.   When we know there are things we can do that will make us healthier and happier, why do we struggle to actually do them? Why do we get caught in a cycle of chasing happiness instead of choosing joy, even when we know better?   This is what Gretchen Rubin...

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