Questions that May Come Up


What do you do if your inner child hates you, is angry, or doesn’t want to see or talk to you? This happens! Be patient!


Think of it like this: imagine if your parent comes home with a new wife or husband and says. “Meet your new stepparent, you must love and bond with them!”


Some people may feel a bit put off with this new “adult” showing up. A new loving parent would know this and be patient and keep showing up and listening. Listening is a powerful step with the inner child. No matter what emotions are coming up for them, let them have them. Even if it’s anger — this is key! Let them express it and be there for them. When my inner child is angry I sit and let her vent. I then tell her I love her. My inner child was abandoned for a very long time. She has every right to be angry, sad, or otherwise emotional!


Some people have experiences in which their inner child won’t come out of hiding and they can’t see them after doing the first meditation. Again, be patient. Practice the meditation a few more times. Your inner child wants to see that you are serious about showing up and loving them. Show them they are worth the wait. When the guided meditation is over, imagine yourself going and sitting in your special place and just waiting there for your inner child to come to you.


Listening and patience is the key to bonding with the inner child. Show them you are in your new, healthy adult, one that is patient, kind, loving, and compassionate. Show up for them like the parent you wanted but didn’t get growing up. Be that for them and watch the healing begin.


How will my life change from building a relationship with my inner child?


You will feel different about who you are. Your life will change after connecting with your inner child. But I can’t say how. It will be a unique experience for you, just as it’s unique for everyone. This is a spiritual concept, meaning we are working with the mind and the imagination and working with parts from our past. There is no way of knowing how the present will change, but it will! Think of dominos that we are pushing over that were set up a long time ago. Now, when they fall, after tweaking them from the past, they will fall differently. The good news is that your life will change for the better. You are healing aspects of yourself that have needed healing for a very long time.


This is powerful work.


I am happy that you decided to bond with this beautiful part of you. The inner child is the container and keeper for your emotions, needs, fun, creativity, passion, vulnerability, intimacy, and so much more. These beautiful aspects of you will begin to emerge in your life when doing this work, not all at once but at the perfect, divine time.


It’s a beautiful gift you are giving yourself, by connecting in this way. This powerful process yields great healing inside. Much love to you on your sacred journey with your child.