The Adult Chair: A Guide to Loving Yourself

I have seen thousands of clients during the 20 years I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist and coach. We have worked on a wide range of issues ranging from depression and anxiety to codependency and relationship problems with spouses and children, from weight loss and body hatred to job and money struggles. During that time, the Adult Chair model has proven to be the most simple and profound way I have found yet to help individuals and couples navigate the world as centered, peaceful, empowered people. 

How can I say this with such confidence? 

I have spent most of my 20 plus years in practice searching for new, different, and better ways to help people. I’ve tested the best with actual clients. Some of the approaches and models were just different twists on tradition, while others (like energy medicine, meditation, neurolinguistic programming and acupressure) were a bit more radical. The tools and approaches that really worked became part of my unique practice, and my clients have benefitted by experiencing much better results in much shorter time.

What you’re about to buy is the best of those tools. 

I’m thrilled to offer this introduction to the Adult Chair to you today and start you on your own journey of discovery!

Note for International Readers! The link to Amazon points to the US domestic store. However, The Adult Chair is available in many stores around the world. Please open your local Amazon website and search for The Adult Chair Michelle Chalfant to buy the book in your local area and currency. Thank you!

We cannot heal our self if we do not know ourselves.