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The Adult Chair Podcast

222 – Summer Series: Ending Procrastination, Perfectionism and People Pleasing

Are you ready to shift out of procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing? I can’t imagine anyone that doesn’t have their hand up!    In today’s show, we are diving into The Adult Chair model and looking deeper at our “parts.” Though this episode focuses on some of these common parts that I hear many of my clients talk about, it really is a crash course in what parts work is and how to start working with your parts on your own, even without therapy!    Things like procrastination, people pleasing and perfectionism are inner...

221 – Summer Series: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Why do people cringe at the suggestion of setting a boundary? So many people respond with, “I don’t like confrontation” when I suggest a boundary.   Setting boundaries is tough to do if we were not modeled healthy boundaries growing up. Even if we came from a pretty healthy family, few people grew up with healthy boundary modeling.   In today’s show, I talk about what boundaries are, how to set them, examples of healthy versus unhealthy boundaries and the four keys to setting healthy boundaries.   Listen to discover:   The difference between a boundary and...

219 – Summer Series: Building Self-Esteem

We can never have enough self-esteem. So many of us didn’t have healthy self-esteem role models growing up, so we are embarking on this journey now. The good news is that it’s never too late to learn to love yourself...

218 – Summer Series: I’m in a Relationship with a Narcissist

Relationships with narcissists are insidious. They begin one way, and over time, very slowly and covertly, they change and become poisonous.   We wake up one day and wonder what we did wrong and how we got here. We blame ourselves and can even feel embarrassed to tell others.   In today’s very vulnerable show, Tracy shares her story of being married to a narcissist, how his toxic behaviors subtly increased over time and how it affected her sense of self. After marrying who she thought was a wonderful man, her life drastically changed...

217 – Summer Series: Attachment and Relationships with Silvy Khoucasian

We all have different ways that we connect and bond with others, and in psychology, we call this “attachment style.” For example, some of us are anxious in our bonds, always making sure the relationship is ok. Others of us pull away when we feel we are getting too close with someone else. Our attachment style is HIGHLY influenced by our childhood and how we bonded with our caregivers growing up, and it’s so important to understanding how we interact in our adult relationships!    In this episode, I interview the incredible...

216 – Navigating 2020 from Your Adult

As we reach the last week of June and find ourselves halfway through 2020, I’m having a hard time finding words for this year. It has felt like a year of nonstop chaos, with so many challenges at the global and personal level. We are all feeling triggered everywhere we turn and overwhelmed by a range of emotions.   You might be wondering if it’s even possible to live from your healthy Adult Chair during times like these, and I’m here to tell you that it IS possible. These are the times...

213 – Walking Through Fear with Michelle Poler

With everything going on the world the last few months, fear has been on all of our minds recently. Though this fear is very real, it’s also related to events happening outside of ourselves...

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