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You’re Invited

Let’s face it: life can be hard. It can be disappointing, frustrating, tiring and overwhelming. The past can feel painful, the present out of control, the future uncertain and true peace unattainable.


We all need guidance, tools and, most importantly, a tribe of compassionate people who can help us navigate life’s challenges, become the best versions of ourselves and get more than we ever thought possible out of life!


The Adult Chair Membership (aka TAC Tribe!) exists to give you a place where you could go beyond learning and begin doing the work — together, with practical resources and tools from me and the support of other like-minded people who bring their unique energy and perspective support to this journey.


I wanted to make it easy for you to know where to begin and what to work on, while giving you EVERYTHING you need each step of the way. And I’m right here with you, with live coaching and chair work, monthly focuses and weekly exercises and regular check-ins to see how you’re doing!


I’m telling you, this tribe is really special. I learn so much from each person in it, and the growth and breakthroughs are so amazing to watch.


The only thing that could make it better? YOU!


So, I invite you to join us in TAC Tribe. We’re saving a seat just for you.


xo, Michelle

Discover What You GetJoin the Tribe

Your journey of self-love starts here

Imagine a place where you could take everything you’re learning and apply it to your life— helping you become your best, most authentic self… where you could be surrounded by other serious seekers and spiritually awake people, all committed to being here for each other and becoming their best selves together!


The Adult Chair Membership is a community of people learning how to be our best and most authentic selves and live our most powerful lives together. Each month, we focus on a theme or area of growth and go deep into it through:


There’s no more tangible — or powerful — way to experience real, long-term transformation and live your happiest life.

What You GetBecome A Member!

What’s Included

Monthly live teachings

One-on-one Coaching with Michelle

Members-only meditations

Self-discovery work, including journaling prompts

Live Q&As

The support of your tribe!

TAC Tribe Monthly Member Benefits

I’m so passionate about making the TAC Tribe an amazing place for you! Everything in the membership is created to help you get into your adult chair, overcome obstacles and journey deeper into self-discovery and self-love!

Monthly theme that will help you focus your work, overcome everyday struggles and transform your life

Live Q&A and coaching sessions where members have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Michelle

Weekly self-discovery work and journaling prompts to help you gain greater insight into yourself

Members-only live teachings, meditations and affirmations that take you deeper into the monthly theme

Members-only Facebook group filled with a supportive community of awesome individuals on the same journey to self-discovery, healing and self-love

Exclusive early access and discounts on merchandise, courses and live events

What Our Members Are Saying

Join the Tribe

Give yourself the gift of a supportive tribe of like-minded people, self-discovery and self-love.

Monthly Membership


Our most flexible plan

Pay monthly to fit your budget

No commitment (cancel anytime)

Join Now

Yearly Membership


Our most affordable plan – SAVE OVER $100!

For those who are ALL in

The BEST way to commit to transformation!

Join Now

Have More Questions?

What is The Adult Chair Membership?

The Adult Chair Membership is a community of people learning how to be our best and most authentic selves and live our most powerful lives together. It exists to give you a place where you can go beyond learning and begin doing the work — with practical resources and tools from me and the support of other like-minded people who bring their unique energy and perspective to this journey.

What will I get with the membership?

Each month, we focus on a theme or area of growth and go deep into it through exclusive podcasts, members-only meditations, weekly self-discovery work, journal prompts, affirmations, live Q&A sessions, chair work with me and so much more! Plus, you’ll have the support of your community through a private Facebook group, regular check-ins with me and exclusive discounts on events, courses and other opportunities for growth.

What is the TAC Tribe?

Our TAC Tribe program is our yearly program, for those of you who have committed to a journey of self-discovery and transformation for one full year! Not only do you get a huge discount at checkout, but every TAC Tribe member receives all previous membership content, first dibs on all live The Adult Chair events, access to our private TAC Tribe Facebook group filled with other driven and supportive TAC Tribe members, discounts on The Adult Chair merchandise and other surprises throughout the year!

How do I become part of TAC Tribe?

If you are a monthly subscriber and after your first month of the membership, you decide to become a TAC Tribe member, reach out to our team (support@theadultchair.com) and we will refund your monthly membership and process your upgrade to the yearly TAC Tribe program. 

What should I expect after sign up?

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the platform, your username and temporary password. This email will include important information for next steps.  Any additional questions, let us know at support@theadultchair.com

How do I access the membership and content?

Everything is located in the membership portal courses.theadultchair.com/login. You simply log on to receive the monthly content, including all podcasts, mediations, affirmations, PDFs to follow along with teachings, self-discovery homework, journaling prompts, chair work and more! 

You can access the platform from your computer, tablet or smartphone. I also send you emails with personal words of encouragement and self-discovery homework to focus on each week. 

For TAC Tribe members, you have access to our members-only, private Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TACTribe) to find a supportive community of other TAC Tribe members, ask questions, share wins and interact with me on a regular basis as you continue this journey together of self-discovery, transformation and living your best life as your most authentic self! It is an incredible and powerful group of people!

How much time will it require each month?

That is totally up to you! Most people spend on average 10 minutes a day with the membership content…that’s really all it takes to experience HUGE transformation. You are worth 10 minutes a day! 


The live teaching is around 45 minutes, live coaching sessions and meditations are between 20-30 minutes and the live Q&A is around 1 hour. You can listen to them as much or as little as you would like.


The time you spend on the self-discovery homework is up to you! The content will always be there for you to go back and reference; however, I encourage you to remember that there is a reason you signed up for this membership. To have transformation, you must first do the work!

What if I cannot attend the Live Q&A?

No worries! You can submit your questions beforehand, and I will do my best to answer them on the call. 


Each live Q&A is recorded and uploaded to that month’s page within 72 hours of the event being over so, you can always go back and watch it!

Is the Live Q&A the same every month?

No, it is not. Because we have members from across the globe, we try to accommodate everyone’s needs and move the session around each month so everyone has a chance to attend.


On the 1st of each month, the live Q&A will be announced via email with the date and time. It will also be posted on that month’s page.

How and when will I be charged?

Once you have registered for the membership and selected to pay for it, you will be charged immediately for your first installment (subscription model). This purchase begins the membership cycle, and you will continue to be auto-charged based on the subscription selection you made (monthly or yearly) until you cancel. 


Yearly membership: auto-drafted on same date, once a year


Monthly membership: auto-drafted on same date, once a month 


You are not required to re-sign up for either membership. It will continue until you cancel. 


Cancelation is required 7 days prior to your next billing date.

What happens if I join halfway through the month?

When you join, you will get immediate access to all of that month’s content. You get the entire month of content, no matter when in the month you join! If you join the yearly membership at any point in the year, you will start with whatever the current month is and go from there.

Will I have access to content from past months?

When you become a member, you will get access to the content beginning with the month you joined. If you join the yearly membership, you will get content beginning with the month you joined + the 11 following months. This membership is very interactive with a lot of live sessions and discussion in the Facebook group, and we find you get the most out of it when you’re participating in real-time.

You will not get access to previous months’ content from before you joined, but we do occasionally release older content for purchase outside the subscription.

Can I purchase content from past months?

We understand that a lot of our members want to go back and catch up on months or themes that took place before they joined. While we do not sell content from individual months, we do bundle each year’s content at the end of the year and open it up for purchase for a limited time. We also have several themed bundles that contain three to four months of content available for purchase.

Can I make updates to my account?

Yes, if you need to update your personal information, change your payment method or make other changes to your account, you can easily manage all of this information in the membership dashboard.

Can I pause my account?

We do not offer the option to pause or deactivate your membership, but there is no commitment required! You can cancel (and restart!) at anytime.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel, you may cancel your account within the platform under “MY ACCOUNT’ or email us at support@michellechalfant.com. If requesting a cancellation, this must be requested 7 days prior to your next billing cycle charge to ensure you will not be charged again. Once deactivated, you will still have access to your previously paid content for the next 12 months.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will ALWAYS have access to content you paid for, even if your membership is not currently active. For example, if you were a member from February-May, you will forever be able to log in and access/download the content from those months, whether or not you’re currently a member. 


If you cancel and rejoin, in your membership dashboard you’ll see the content you paid for in the past as well as the new content you receive each month as a member.