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Certified Adult Chair® Coach, 2021

CDC™ Certified Divorce Coach

Tennessee Sup. Court Rule 31 Mediator, Gen. Civil & Family Law

Juris Doctor (JD)




Brentwood, TN

Susan Gorey

Adult Chair® Certified Coach
Relationship, Divorce, Co-Parenting + Mediation + Speaking & Workshops

Seasons of transition, conflict and challenge leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused, and afraid. You, your team or your organization cannot optimally perform during such times of not having a healthy wellbeing. Individuals who are in conflict with themselves or others, or those who have an unhealthy emotional wellbeing carry that into relationships at home, work and school, which leads to more tension, less productivity, and poor performance and decision-making. I have been there and I want you to know there is a healthy wellbeing waiting for you. You do not have to struggle to get there or do it alone.   Whether living in conflict or facing a life transition or challenge, Susan can lead you, your employees or your teammates to make informed decisions, learn healthy coping mechanisms, become self aware and self-regulating, and have a healthy wellbeing. I combine my legal and Human Resources experience, triumph over my own personal struggles, parenting, and my certifications as a mediator, CDC Certified Divorce Coach, and the Adult Chair® to be your strength and guide as you navigate life’s challenges, transitions and conflict.

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