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Certified Adult Chair® Coach




Lincoln, NE

Paulette Gerken

Certified Adult Chair® Coach | Lincoln, NE

We've all had opportunities to start over again – some great and some not so wonderful. When our lives are interrupted with unwelcome events, how we choose to rise above the storm makes all the difference.

Like many, I lost my business to Covid in 2020. I was devastated and couldn't imagine starting over again so late in life. When we're knocked off our feet, it can be tough to get back up again. But we are meant to be survivors. Even tough times can be a catalyst for good. 

I reached out for support and discovered I had more options than I thought possible. I went back to school and became an Adult Chair® Coach. I found the healing and encouragement I needed to flourish again. Life was good.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, it was unwelcome news. Yet, I was much better prepared this time. I had the confidence that I could get through anything because God is with me, and I'd learned how to cope in a positive way. I now had a solid support system and great friends to walk with me.

Life happens. My deepest wish for you is that you'll reach out, rise up, challenge limiting beliefs and claim your life of purpose and joy. I’m here to help.

**Website and booking link coming soon!